The LVL guide

If you’re a short-lashed, fair-haired gal, this guide is for you!

If you are thinking about going for an LVL lash treatment, but you don’t know if it is

  1. Worth the money
  2. If it will work on your lashes
  3. If it hurts or will make all your eyelashes fall out

I hear you!

I have a terrible habit of googling just about anything before I get it done (embarrassing confession: I have actually googled 10 things your hairdresser wants you to know before you go to the hairdresser) and LVL was definitely no exception (tip: do not google a Hollywood wax before you go for one, or you won’t go).

I am blonde, and my eyelashes are blonder than my natural hair colour, as well as very stubby and short. I apply about 10 coats of mascara and I don’t mind a clumpy look. I have tried about 30 different mascaras, and sometimes leave the house in a rush with one eyelash as a desperate attempt to make them look like they actually exist. So why wouldn’t I want LVL?

LVL (length volume lift) is a relatively new treatment that people are going crazy about. It is ‘your lashes, but better’. Who doesn’t want that?

What does it consist of?

LVL straightens your natural lash at the root and also tints them. It makes your lashes appear thicker, fuller and basically better without mascara. For my honest opinion on this statement, keep reading..

It takes about 45 minutes, about half an hour of which you are lying with a shield on your eyelids, rather uncomfortably, unable to open your eyes as your lashes are manipulated into a new position. But don’t let that put you off, I’m just being completely honest. Maybe if you have 4 kids or you’re a busy person with hardly any time to yourself, you will love this 45 mins of peace and quiet.

I got my first LVL treatment about a year and half ago, before I went on holiday. I got my first Hollywood wax right after so can’t actually remember the experience that much.

I got my second last week, when a colleague of mine got training in LVL. As she spoke about it I thought, I want this again. She was offering a great price of Β£30 (depending on where you go it can go up to about Β£60 but Β£40 is average) and throwing in a much needed brow tint too, so I thought why not?

GET A PATCH TEST BEFORE YOU GO! If they don’t offer this then find a new lash technician!

I took some makeup-less pics before I went to compare. I do remember having a vague disappointment when I first got them done so knew I needed some pics to see that there was a difference. I went in, filled out a form and lied down. The process begins by them cleaning your eyes to make sure there’s no product still there (go without any eye makeup on) and apply shields to your eyelids. There are different shapes of shields, small ones for a more uplifted curl and large shields if you want something more subtle (or if your eyelashes are already petty long). Be sure to ask what shield they are using before you begin, although most trained lash technician should ask you first. They basically stick your lashes up with a perming type lotion (that stinks) and leave them for 15 mins. I found it quite uncomfortable and I’m a contact lens wearer, but this is quite normal. There are a few other gels put on and some more waiting, then a tint.

I am quite impatient and 15 mins felt like quite a long time. But it was worth it in my opinion.

The result..

If you are blonde, and have fairly short lashes, I’m going to be honest, when you first see them you may be disappointed. My lashes are definitely more curled, but I remember the first time I went in I thought I’d come out the salon with what looked like false lashes. This will not happen.

After your LVL you cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours (preferably 48) and you cannot wear mascara for 24 hours (this is hard for me). Once you are able to put mascara on, you will love them! It takes one coat of mascara, 2 if you are like me and like a bolder lash look, your lashes are good to go. I didn’t find myself wanting to wear eyeliner or anything because I loved the way my lashes looked. But I do still feel the need to wear mascara every day.

So to answer your questions..

  1. Is it worth the money? I would like to start this by saying if you need to go and buy groceries but are struggling to afford raspberries (I understand, no judgement here) don’t get it. Save for it. If you are financially stable and can afford raspberries and you struggle with your eyelashes, then go for it. Just go in realising that you’re natural lashes will not look like fake ones if you have fair hair and short eyelashes. If you have long, dark lashes, LVL will make them look like falsies. Anybody will be able to see a difference in comparison with their natural lashes.
  2. If it will work on your lashes? As previously mentioned, you may be disappointed if your lashes are a struggle to start with. But they work on all lashes and lash types, as long as you have no reaction to the patch tests.
  3. If it hurts or will make all your eyelashes fall out? It does not hurt, only stings a tiny bit at first (this is normal) and can be slightly uncomfortable. It is also not terrible for your lashes, of course nothing that is not natural isn’t brilliant for them but it doesn’t do much harm. Your lashes have a natural cycle anyway where they fall out and grow back in, so they will return back to normal after about 6-8 weeks, when you should give them a lil break before doing anything else with your lashes

If you want some pics and a detailed description of Nouveau lashes; in the frow done a great post on what to expect. It is a paid advertorial but has some great pointers! (The link is here:

I will let you all know how long it lasts for me. Next I want to try lash extensions. What do we think?

R x