About this blog

A little space on the internet for all of my ideas.

Writing is something I have always used in every aspect of life, apologising to my mum for moaning when I was 15, writing about how I was feeling to make myself feel better and even writing essays at university is something I quite enjoy. I was always stuck with the idea that a blog had to be about one thing, and as you may be able to tell from the name, this blog started as a skincare blog. I felt enthused after a training trip to London with a beauty brand I used to work for and made this blog to discuss all things skincare. I was so determined that I bought the domain onlythegoodskin, and it just renewed recently because I forgot to turn off the renewal. I’m not wasting £15 so here I am. But, it turns out, skincare doesn’t interest me enough to write about once a week. So, here is my blog about, well, nothing in particular.