About Me

So you’ve stumbled across my blog and you’re thinking how the hell did I end up here? You’re bored so you thought you’d have a look around. I’ve been there.

I am a total drama queen, a complete monster when I am hungry and I like the easy things in life. I would rather cosy up in my PJ’s and watch some garbage TV with carbs than go out clubbing. I dance and sing to heart club classics and I am not ashamed of it. I like a challenge, I am rather competitive and speak my mind (generally a good thing but not always).

This is the point where you will either think to yourself ‘weirdo’ or ‘can totally relate’. I don’t mind either way.

I am a third year student at Edinburgh uni studying Social Policy and Sociology and I work for a pretty great skincare brand. In my free time I like to read, write, cook and eat and I like to travel when I can afford it (which is rarely). I appreciate a 4 step skin care routine and long showers. 

Whatever the reasons you have stumbled upon this blog, have a read, have a nosey and enjoy (or hate it, each to their own).

R x