Book Review: Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

Looking for a new read? Seriously, pick up this book.

For a long time I wasn’t interested in books, reading the first couple of pages and getting bored almost immediately. I hadn’t picked up a book (by choice) for the majority of 2018 until I went on holiday, where I finished two in the week I was away. I got back and didn’t read again.

Until Everything I Know About Love. A book that beautifully captures the complexity of growing up, getting older and experiencing different love along the way. But it is not all that it may seem. This book is embedded in the true love between female friendships. Whilst I can imagine most 20 something year old women to be able to relate to this book in some way, shape or form (we all had our cherished MSN days) I can guarantee it will have you almost crying with laughter, and at times sadness, and will make you cringe on behalf of the author herself. Alderton truly opens up about all aspects of her life growing up – from going to boarding school, being obsessed with MSN and the complexity of the male population, to making friends with old men in pubs and her best friend getting engaged at 25.

Everything I Know About Love is about feeling inadequate, not good enough. It’s about disastrous dates, bad parties, breakups and having the best and worst times of your life. It’s about finding out who you are and coming to realise that you are good enough. It’s about losing, loving and accepting. And, bonus, it has some amazing recipes (Hangover Mac and Cheese I’m coming for you) and hilarious email renditions that, quite frankly, make me dread and be excited about growing older all in one.

I fear that after this book I will not be able to read another book in the next couple of weeks. It was truly amazing – I couldn’t put this book down and I never wanted it to end. I am lending this book to everyone I know, messaging everyone (slight exaggeration) about how it MUST be a book they read this year. It will have a permanent place on my bookshelf (who am I kidding) in my drawer for whenever I need to refer back to it. It is my new handbook on life. The only bad thing about this book was that it made me feel as though my life was rather boring but I have another 9 years left of my twenties and I’m sure I’ll pick some memories along the way. But if this book taught me something; I will never, ever have a Rod Stewart party.

Enjoy every second of it because the book will be finished before you know it. It is also half price in Waterstones right now. You’re welcome.

R x

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