And so it begins

I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Cheesy, I know, but if you knew just how much us insecure civilians spent on cosmetic procedures and enhancements, you would (perhaps) be shocked. Millions of pounds across the world are spent in result of brands taking advantage of our insecurities. Don’t get me wrong (let’s not have a bad start already), I believe if you want cosmetic surgery, go for it, 100%. If you had known the amount I had thought about getting lip fillers, had a conversation with my friends about how a boob job would be number one on our list of procedures you would wonder why on earth I am writing all this.

To answer your question, if there is anybody out there stumbling across my page by accident and has got this far, firstly thank you and hello and secondly, my interests began to grow in regards to social pressures and social actions as a result of my studies in social policy and sociology. I am currently a student at Edinburgh uni, working part time for a brilliant skincare brand and crying about the workload I have to do whilst watching terrible movies on Netflix, scrolling through Instagram and eating Maltesers (they are just so addictive).

It’s not until recently when I joined the gym, got a bit more involved in different societies at uni after changing degree (that is a whole other blogpost) that I felt inspired to start a blog. I have always been interested in beauty, which you wouldn’t have guessed looking at my brows at the age of 15 (not what you think, they were non-existent, not a good look paired with a smoky eye) but as I began working for big brands in the beauty industry I thought why not?? I always love a good opinion and beauty review, glued to YouTube whilst I’m procrastinating and Netflix haven’t uploaded anything to my interest (Bridesmaids is in my top 5 if you’re wondering). Zoella is my guilty pleasure. There, I said it. VLOGMAS I AM READY FOR YOU.

So, in summary, keep popping back for a new insight; whether that be something (relatively) intellectual around my studies, a beauty review about products or something completely irrelevant to either of these (I am indecisive).

Hopefully some of all 0 of you right now will be able to relate in some shape or form.

R x

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